Allison Daniels Ministries
               Award-Winning | 2X Bestselling Author| Publisher
                Speaker | Consultant | Coach | Entrepreneur

Allison Daniels Ministries

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Allison Gregory Daniels

Award-Winning|Bestselling Author

Allison Daniels Ministries

Maryland Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur| Author| Faith Based Life Coach

Rev. Allison G. Daniels is an Award-winning, 2X Bestselling Author and an anointed woman of God  with a passionate to see God’s people walk in their authority. She is the president of Allison Daniels Ministries, LLC and CEO of multiple companies. She is also an inspirational speaker, certified life coach, internet radio host, and  WKBA Radio Station, Maryland Chapter and an accomplished author located in the State of Maryland.

Rev. Allison G. Daniels conducts workshops and seminars  that consist of topics such as Women in Management, Women as Leaders, The Superwoman Syndrome, Leadership Skills, The Assertive Woman, Diversity and Emotional Wellness for Women. Mrs. Daniels has been certified by The Professional Women Network as a Professional Coach and Diversity Consultant.

Rev. Allison G. Daniels has been performing in the area of television, radio and stage for several years. She debuted her first poetry and inspirational book signing at Adelia's Restaurant in Takoma Park, Maryland in 1999. Over the past few years, she has authored over  30 books. She has also donated several of her books and poems to the local newspapers throughout the Washington, D.C. and Metropolitan area.  She is a Bestselling Author  of  Walk in your Authority, Life Goes On, How to maintain your faith through adversity, Write 2 Finish and more. Also, she is an accomplished motivational and empowerment speaker for this season.

She is a contributing author and these books are now on under the Women's Empowerment Series: "The Female Leader (Empowerment, Confidence and Passions), "The Coaching Gurus" (Volume II), "Releasing Strongholds" (Letting Go of What's Holding You Back), "How to Survive When your Ship is Sinking (Weathering Life's Storms)," Celebration of Life for Women" and  Teenage Series: "Teenage Girls (Guide for Health, Wellness & Self-Esteem)."

She specializes in helping new and inspiring authors with self-publishing their books and taking it to the next level.  To date she has assisted with the following books now on "Bully Me No More", "Behind the Chair", "Broken Peace" and I Believe I Can Fly."  Additionally, Allison is an Author, Spiritual  Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Radio personality and presents Keynotes, Workshops, and seminars. She is confident that the tools and methods that God has equipped her with will help transform the lives of those who want to succeed but may be lacking the direction, discipline, or resources necessary to get out there and attain their heartfelt dreams. She believes that given the right tools, children, teen and young adults can make a possible difference in the economy.

CONTACT Allison to have her speak at your next conference, convention, corporate meeting--it will be a success!!!

Her Motto is: Release, Restore, Rebuild and Renew a new you

Allison G. Daniels | | 202-258-4987 | P.O. Box 1571 | Clinton, Maryland  20735