Allison Daniels Ministries
               Award-Winning | 2X Bestselling Author| Publisher
                Speaker | Consultant | Coach | Entrepreneur

Allison Daniels Ministries

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Maryland Award-Winning| 2X Bestselling Author| Motivational Speaker

Ghost-writer| Entrepreneur | Coach | Publisher

Allison Daniels Ministries
Allison Daniels Ministries
Allison Daniels Ministries
Allison Daniels Ministries
Allison Daniels| Maryland Motivational Speaker | Empowerment Coach
Allison G. Daniels is an anointed woman of God who  is a dynamic speaker with a unique way of captivating her audiences. Her material is original, easy to understand and she brings you along on a journey of self-discovery and helps you connect with a higher level of awareness. You may cry and you may laugh as you are brought deeper into the wisdom of your soul. Allison Daniels shares her expertise and vast life experiences with you or your group. Her book, “Life Goes On-How to Maintain Your Faith through Adversity,” proves that you are equipped with everything you need. Allison uses the life lessons that she has learned to illustrate that your past does not dictate your future, but you can dream again, love again laugh again because Life Goes On.

Reverend Allison is the founder of  Allson Daniels Ministries, LLC,  She is also an inspirational speaker, certified life coach, internet radio host, Maryland Representative for WKBA Radio Station, mentor and accomplished author.
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TOPICS for Speaking, Conferences & Webinars 
Write 2 Finish Publishing your gift
•Life Goes On  (How to Maintain your Faith through Adversity)
•Walk in your Authority Strategies
•Power in your Purpose
•Bully Me No More (Speak Up)
•Life Skills for Women
•Marketing Strategies 
•Self-Esteem Skills for Children & Teenagers 
Entrepreneurship  (Coming Soon)
•Business Development  (Coming Soon)
•Goal Setting for Your Business & Life
•Overcoming Inner Struggles 
•Personal Development 
Book Publishing  Made Easy
Successful Self-Publishing 

•and more...

Allison G. Daniels | | 202-258-4987